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    Christmas is just around the corner,,,

    Alright,,, I know they are expensive. I couldn't talk myself into it for a long time. But now that I own some, I cherish them. I'm talking about "Grillgrates". Below is a universal set that I have. I can use them on my gas grill, Weber kettle, PK grill, charcoal chimney,,, very versatile. The...
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    Finger lickin' chicken,,,

    Today I went and picked up some wood to fuel the beast. Pressure washed and re-seasoned it. Since it was making smoke, figured I might as well put some chicken on it.
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    Great Smoked Chicken

    Whenever I'm asked where to get started in smoking meat, I always share this link for smoked chicken. I always say "if you follow it to a tee,, you'll be very happy with the ending". Truth be told, I made up a batch of the brine just today for a chicken cook this weekend. Chris Grove is a comp...
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    Cookers I have known,,,

    Here's a few of the cookers I have owned. A couple have been re-homed, but most are still on site. This is a 60's PK Grill that is both a smoker and a grill. Best steaks and burgers I've cooked are done on this.
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    Smokin' good times

    This forum looks so lonely without any threads in it. I've been known to burn a piece of wood or two! Got a competition next weekend in fact.